Hand Dryer ASH-MJ1

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  • icon3 World’s most compact high speed hand dryer
  • icon5 High Speed Motor rotates at 29000 RPM
  •  Heavy duty carbon brush motor for long life
  • icon5 Industry best safety features
  • icon5 Consumes only 1000W
  • icon5 Heavy Duty Design for all types of facilities
  • icon5 High Quality Eliminates breakdown and maintenance costs
  • icon5 95% cost reduction compared to paper towels

Product Description

  • Living up to its tradition of making the best quality hand dryers,askon is proud to introduce its newest series of Mach Hand dryers.
  • Consumes about 85% less energy as compared to traditional hand dryers and dries hands in under 15 sec.
  • 95% cost saving as compared to paper towels
  • Qualifies for LEED credits under EA Prerequsite 2 – Minimum Energy performance & EA Credit 1 – Optimize Energy performance (a mandatory credit for all LEED certified facilities).


  • Operating Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50 HZ
  • Air Speed: 90 m/s
  • Output Air Temperature: 55°C [131°F]
  • Output Air Volume: 101.7 m3/h [59.8 CFM]
  • Motor Type: 500W, 29000 RPM, Brush Type
  • Motor thermal protection: Resetting thermostat turns off unit at 105°C
  • Heating Element: 500W
  • Heating element thermal protection: Resetting thermostat turns unit off at 85°C
  • Drying Time: Less than 15 seconds
  • Sensor Range: 51mm to 330 mm [2’’ to 13’’], adjustable
  • Timing Protection: 60 seconds auto shut off
  • Sound Level: 75 ± 1dB at 1 meter
  • Net Weight: 3.8 Kgs
  • Unit Size: W 250 x H 180 x D 138.5 mm
  • Note : Motor carbon brushes have a life of 1,80,000 operations of 15 seconds each or 750 hrs of continuous operation.