Sensor Urinal Flush Valve Model : AS-05IR (E) / AS-05IR (B)


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  • icon3Made-in-India
  • icon5Sensor PCB sealed to prevent moisture damage
  • Non-rusting & Durable Poly Carbonate Concealed Box
  • No breaking of walls or tiles for replacing spare parts.
  • 360 °debris filter
  • No visible screws on front plate
  • Settings to be done by remote control
  • Made with premium materials like Stainless Steel, brass and Poly Carbonate

Product Description

  • Aesthetic design
  • Spotless finish with no visible screws
  • Equipped with our pioneering SmartSense technology for increased reliability and unmatched user experience
  • Sensing range and flush timing can be adjusted with remote. One remote works for multiple systems.


  • Concealed type
  • Power : 230 V/AC, single phase for AS 05-IR(E) and 6VDC (four alkaline batteries) for AS 05-IR(B)
  • Solenoid valve, Flow control valve & Electronic system are located in the concealed box. All components are accessible from front for easy maintenance.
  • Aluminium die-casting front plate
  • Front plate dimensions : W 150 x H 150 x D 11 mm
  • Brass solenoid valve with piston valve technology. This is a marked improvement over traditional rubber diaphragm-type valves.
  • Solenoid Valve is removable and operates on 6VDC.
  • Sensing range and flush timing can be adjusted with remote*.
  • 360° debris screen (filter) reduces the common problem of water running and flooding.
  • Non-corrosive & highly durable polycarbonate concealed box. Dimensions : W 130 x H 130 x D 72 mm.
  • Water inlet & outlet supply connections of 1/2″ B.S.P.
  • Integrated sensor and control circuit is completely sealed with resin to give moisture free life.
  • Brass water flow regulator valve allows water flow to be adjusted & turned-off as desired.

*One remote works for multiple systems. To be purchased separately.


Product Dimension

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Rs. 9250 (Inclusive of 18% GST)
Transportation / Delivery charges may be extra as applicable