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Extensive Experience of more than 3 decades

Established in 1985

Since 1985, our company has been designing and manufacturing high quality hand dryers and washroom accessories with uncompromising focus on quality and customer service. 

Dr. Shreyas Shah, a practicing medical doctor, started this company to cater to the hygiene needs of hospitals and operation theatres. The company has now grown to become one of the leading washroom hygiene products manufacturer and supplier in India.  Today, the products find wide application in public places where maintaining hygiene is of paramount importance in a post-covid world.

Some of our old products are shown below. Initially these were marketed only to hospitals and medical facilities but now these products find application in almost all commercial and public places where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Quality of Products

The quality of the product is paramount to us. We want to give our customers value for money and trust they place in us. Also we want to minimize environmental impact of the replacement and junking of electrical and electronic products as most of them end up in land fills polluting our beautiful planet. Thats why we have limited number of products in our portfolio and sell only products which meet our quality standards and life cycle requirements. Also the materials used in our products including the plastics are high grade polymers which are recyclable. 

Quality and safety are built into our products from the stage of conceptualization and design. It extends to the selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, assembly and testing and after sales service. We also guarantee 10 years spare parts availability for most products as we make them inhouse. 

Below are some pictures and videos of showing the process of designing, prototyping, assembly and testing:

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