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Askon is a manufacturer of hand dryers in Mumbai, India since 1985. Askon has a range of high quality hand dryers which include Jet Hand Dryers, Airblade Hand Dryers, Single and Twin blower hand dryers and the latest V Jet hand dryers.


We are constantly innovating and designing new hand dryers with latest technology and features to provide our customers best Made-in-India hand dryers at best prices. Our hand dryers also come with industry leading warranties.


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Airblade Hand Dryer

askon airblade hand dryer


jet high speed hand dryer




  • Airblade Hand Dryers dry hands in 12-15 seconds with high speed air blades

  • These Airblade hand dryers are equipped with water tray to avoid water dripping on the floor.

  • Smart heating features reduce power consumption in these hand dryers by more than 75%.

  • Brushless DC motors provide higher air speeds than carbon brush motors with much lower noise levels.​​

  • Askon airblade hand dryers have best safety features like auto-timer cut-off and dual thermal protection for heating coil and motor. 

  • These hand dryers have industry best warranties of 18 months on electronic parts, 5 years on motors [For ASH-MJ3 / ASH-MJ3 (W)] and 3 years on motors [for ASH-MJ4.

Twin Blower Hand Dryers (AS 25-IR Series)

stainless steel hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SB)

hand dryer manufacturers

AS 25-IR (SM)

steel hand dryers

AS 25-IR (W)

  • These hand dryers are heavy duty and ideal for high traffic areas

  • They have very low noise operation

  • These hand dryers are truly twin blower hand dryers with two motors, two heating elements and two impellers

  • They are proudly Made-in-India with the highest quality standards

  • AS 25-IR series hand dryers feature best safety features 

  • These hand dryers come with industry best warranty of 18 months on electronic parts and 36 months on motors

Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer

fire retardant plastic hand dryer

AS 15-IR (W)

  • India's first fire retardant polycarbonate hand dryer. 

  • This is a heavy duty hand dryer in compact size. It can be used from airports to small cafes.

  • Model AS 15-IR hand dryer has silent operation. It is ideal for all places where low noise levels are essential.

  • It has a very compact design which is ideal for smaller washrooms.​

  • Proudly Made-in-India with the highest quality standards

  • AS 15-IR hand dryer has best safety features 

  • This hand dryer has industry best warranty of 12 months on electronic parts and 24 months on motors

V Jet Hand Dryer

V Jet Hand Dryer


  • V Jet Hand Dryer is made from fire retardant polycarbonate with anti-bacterial protection to protect against growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. 

  • This hand dryer uses heavy duty 30,000 RPM through flow vacuum brushed motor. 

  • The powerful motor takes in air through two HEPA filters which remove 95% of impurities from air before blowing on the hands.

  • The V Jet Hand Dryer does not use a heating element and smartly uses heat energy from the motor to reduce energy consumption by 75% per drying cycle.                                                       

  • The high velocity air blades of the V Jet Hand dryer scrapes water from hands drying them in under 15 seconds 

  • Proudly Made-in-India with the highest quality standards.

  • This hand dryer is equipped with best safety features. 

  • V Jet hand dryer has industry best warranty of 18 months on electronic parts and 36 months on motor

Single Blower Hand Dryers (AS 45-IR Series)

heavy duty hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SB) 

ss hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SM)

hand dryer in white colour

AS 45-IR (W)

  • These hand dryers are heavy duty and suitable for high traffic volume places

  • These hand dryers have low noise operation and ideal for places where excess noise has to be avoided

  • AS 45-IR series hand dryers have very slim profile

  • These hand dryers are proudly Made-in-India

  • This model is equipped with best safety features 

  • These hand dryers have industry best warranty of 18 months on electronic parts and 36 months on motors

Hand and Face Dryers

hand and face dryer

ASH-70 (SB)

had dryer manufacturer

ASH-70 (W)

  • Rotating die cast chrome plated nozzle

  • Good air speed and blowing volume

  • Industry best safety features

  • Heavy Duty Design for all types of facilities

  • High Quality Eliminates breakdown and maintenance costs

  • 90% cost reduction compared to paper towels