Askon has been manufacturing some of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the world.

Askon hand dryers has helped saved tons and tons of tissues and paper towels going to landfills every year. Our new generation high speed hand dryers have high user satisfaction as they dry hands very quickly and at the same time consuming 75% energy as compared to paper towels.

Taking our commitment to environment one step further, we have now completely eliminated thermocol packaging from our Made-in-India range of hand dryers.

Thermocol Eliminated from Hand Dryer Packaging

Completely bio degradable packaging

Every years thousands of piece of thermocol used to go waste from our hand dryers packaging. Once the hand dryers are unpacked at our client site, the only place these thermocol pieces could go was into landfills. This pushed us to find a solution to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. How can an environmentally friendly product have such an environmentally harmful packaging!!

We finally engineered a completely bio-degradable packaging solution made out of cardboard and paper for packaging our hand dryers. All our Made-in-India hand dryers are shipping with this biodegradable packaging and we are very happy that thousands and thousands of pieces of thermocol wont end up polluting our land, water or air.


Ankit Shah

Director, Product Development & Sales

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In the first part of this blog, we discussed various types of motors used in hand dryers, their features, performance and how they affect the cost of the hand dryers.

After the motor, the next factors which play a part in the quality of the hand dryer is the electronics used.

In a BLDC motor, the life of motor largely depends on electronics as electronics control the rotation speed. The polarity of the magnets are switched electronically to rotate motor at desired RPM. Hence BLDC motors are costly because it employs lots of electronics. A well designed BLDC motor has advantages over traditional motors.

Control Circuit of BLDC Motor

It should also be checked if the hand dryer control circuit uses solid state relay (SSR) or electro-mechanical relays. SSR use SCR or MOSFETS to switch the current instead of the electro-megnetic coils used in traditional relays. Tranditional relays, due to their mechanical limitation, have lesser life as compared to the SSRs which are being widely used today due to their longer life which increases the product life and less maintenance costs. But like all good things in life, SSRs come at the cost and they are usually 5-10 times more expensive than mechanical relays.

Solid State Relay
Solid State Relay

Electro-mechanical Relay

Also certain smart features that the hand dryers may have, like showing self diagnostic indications via LEDs or buzzer, auto-cut offs and over heating cut-off may employ additional electronics and sensors. These make the hand dryers smart and often prevent damage to the hand dryer incase of misuse or abuse.

Different types of sensors can be used in hand dryers to sense the user. Typically they are Infrared sensors or capacitive sensors. Capacitive sensors do not require direct line of sight to the user and can detect users across a metal or plastic surface. Both types of sensors are very accurate these days. However capacitive sensors are more rugged as less affected by any stray light which can be problem with IR if incorrectly used.

To summarize, below features provide value and improve product quality and service life and but at the same time also increase the cost of the product:

1) BLDC motor

2) SSR or Electromechanical relay

3) Features like auto-cut off, over heating protection for motor and heating coil, water tray full indication, carbon brush replacement or air filter replacement indication

4) IR Sensor or Capacitive sensors

Ankit Shah

Director, Sales and Product Development

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Updated: Apr 16

The features of V Jet Hand Dryer are as given below. This newest addition to our hand dryer portfolio features the best features in any hand dryer in the market. Made with the most premium materials, best safety features and heavy duty motor, this hand dryer dries hands in 12 seconds and at the same time consuming 75% less energy than conventional hand dryers and 95% cost saving as compared to paper towels.


  • Made from high impact fire retardant polycarbonate with silver ion technology for life time anti-microbial protection.

  • HEPA filters (2 nos) remove 95% of impurities from intake air before blowing it on hands.

  • HEPA filters are protected by a grill and are easily accessible for cleaning and replacement without opening the hand dryer.

  • Motor: 30,000 RPM through flow vacuum motor

  • No heating element. Smartly uses the heat energy from the motor to aid in drying hands.

  • Two IR sensors provided for reliable sensing and operation.

  • Three levels of adjustable motor speeds allow users to set desired airflow and noise levels

  • Type : V Jet

  • Size : H 280 x W 210 x D 143 mm

  • Power Consumption : 1250 W

  • Power Consumption in standby: <1W

  • Drying time: 12 seconds

  • Max. Air Temp. at Outlet : 60°C

  • Energy Consumption per drying cycle of 12 seconds : 0.004 Kwh / 15 KJ

  • Electrical Input Supply : 230VAC, 50Hz, 1 Phase (3 pin, ISI marked supply cord provided)

  • 45 sec auto cut-off with safety shut down feature*

  • Operating Noise Level : 82 db @ 1 mtr (for highest motor speed) and 75 db @ 1 mtr (for lowest motor speed)

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