Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The features of V Jet Hand Dryer are as given below. This newest addition to our hand dryer portfolio features the best features in any hand dryer in the market. Made with the most premium materials, best safety features and heavy duty motor, this hand dryer dries hands in 12 seconds and at the same time consuming 75% less energy than conventional hand dryers and 95% cost saving as compared to paper towels.


  • Made from high impact fire retardant polycarbonate with silver ion technology for life time anti-microbial protection.

  • HEPA filters (2 nos) remove 95% of impurities from intake air before blowing it on hands.

  • HEPA filters are protected by a grill and are easily accessible for cleaning and replacement without opening the hand dryer.

  • Motor: 30,000 RPM through flow vacuum motor

  • No heating element. Smartly uses the heat energy from the motor to aid in drying hands.

  • Two IR sensors provided for reliable sensing and operation.

  • Three levels of adjustable motor speeds allow users to set desired airflow and noise levels

  • Type : V Jet

  • Size : H 280 x W 210 x D 143 mm

  • Power Consumption : 1250 W

  • Power Consumption in standby: <1W

  • Drying time: 12 seconds

  • Max. Air Temp. at Outlet : 60°C

  • Energy Consumption per drying cycle of 12 seconds : 0.004 Kwh / 15 KJ

  • Electrical Input Supply : 230VAC, 50Hz, 1 Phase (3 pin, ISI marked supply cord provided)

  • 45 sec auto cut-off with safety shut down feature*

  • Operating Noise Level : 82 db @ 1 mtr (for highest motor speed) and 75 db @ 1 mtr (for lowest motor speed)

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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We are excited to present new grey colour version model ASH-VJ (G) of our newest airblade V hand dryer. The hand dryer features a sparkling grey colour cover. The purple airblades are clearly visible to the user making it very intuitive for them about where to place the hands and how to dry them.

This hand dryer comes with a high speed heavy duty motor which create high velocity airblades to dry hands in 12 seconds. The air is sucked in through the HEPA filters to clear out dust and microorganisms to blow clean filtered air on hands. The hand dryer is also made with anti-bacterial plastics to provide life time protection against bacteria, mould etc. This claim is tested and verified by an independent lab and proves it kills 99% bacteria. Below is the lab test report.

Salient features of the V Jet Hand Dryer are as given below:

For more information about the hand dryers please visit our website www.askonhygiene.com / askon.co or email us on info@askonhygiene.com or call on 99303 89999

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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This is an educational blog series for hand dryer buyers about the important factors to keep in mind while buying hand dryers.

In this first part of the blog series, we will concentrate on the motors. The motor is the heart of the hand dryer. Motor plays a vital role in its performance and usually is the costliest part of the hand dryer. Having a heavy duty motor is vital for long operational life of the hand dryer as a bad quality motor can result in high repairing costs and down time and frustration for users.

There are many hand dryers available at different price points from Rs 2000 to Rs 1,00,000. What makes some hand dryers so cheap and others so expensive? What is the difference between these hand dryers? Usually, among other reasons, the major difference is the motor.

Lets have a look at the different types of motors used in hand dryers:

1) Brushless DC motors (expensive, good air speed)

2) Capacitor or induction AC motors (inexpensive, slow air speed)

3) Brushed Universal Motors (moderately expensive, good air speed)

4) Brushed DC motors - Rarely used in hand dryers these days

* Operational life of these motors will depend on their quality.

Universal Brushed Motors

These motors are called universal motors as they can work on AC as well as DC voltage. As you might have guessed, the brushed universal motors are most widely used motors in hand dryers as they provide best of both the worlds - good air speeds and cost efficiency. Below are some pictures of good quality brushed motors. These motors use special type of steel for stampings and construction, has UL certification which guarantees quality and safety as they are tested by an independent laboratory, thermal cut-off device to prevent overheating and big carbon brushes (minimum 1 inch in length).

The through flow vacuum brushed motor are usually used in vacuum cleaners but they have found application in high speed hand dryers. The traditional carbon brushed motor are also widely used. The through flow vacuum motors have RPM in excess of 20,000 RPM and the brushed motors have RPM in the range of 8000-15000 RPM.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors

As the name suggests, these motors do not have carbon brushes for commutation. They use hall effect sensors and electronics for commutation. This motor is accompanied by a control PCB as shown in the picture below. The speed in these motors is not limited by friction of the carbon brushes and can be switched even thousands of times per second to provide high RPM which is not possible with other motors. This motor is also known by other names like digital motor or switched reluctance motor but they have the same working principle.

BLDC motor for hand dryer
BLDC motor with control circuit

The reason for the high costs of a good quality BLDC motor is mainly due to use of powerful rare earth permanent magnets and lots of electronics for switching the motor. If the quality and design of the motor control circuit is not good, there can be exceptionally high failure rates and replacing them is very expensive. Also the voltages on some of the big capacitors on the control circuits can be in excess of 350V. Hence if they are not properly handled, it can lead to electric shock which could be fatal. So unless you are buying these hand dryers from a company which can ensure good quality of BLDC motors, it is better to avoid hand dryers with BLDC motors and go for brushed hand dryer motors instead. This will reduce initial cost of hand dryers by at least 30-40% and vastly reduce future maintenance overheads without much sacrifice in performance or user experience. Having a drying cycle time of 12 seconds or 15 seconds is a non-issue.

PMDC Motors

If you see a motor as shown in the picture below in a hand dryer, it is recommended not to buy such a hand dryer. Many cheap imported hand dryers in price range Rs 2000-Rs 6000 use these motors. These motors are usually used in toys and are not suitable for heavy duty operation. Not that these motors are bad, but they are not suitable for use in hand dryers. Many importers are not aware of the technical details and they want to import and sell the cheapest product available which are a safety hazard. Customers cant be expected to know such minute technical details of the products they buy. Lack of mandatory product quality certifications like UL and ISI for hand dryers in India allow such products to be sold causing problems for consumers and unnecessary competition for good quality hand dryer manufacturers.

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Ankit Shah

Director, Marketing & product Development

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