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We are extremely happy and satisfied that we are getting ready to ship our new SlimJet series hand dryers to our customers this week.

After 3 yrs of design, prototyping and testing with disruptions due to covid, we are happy that we will be shipping this product soon and we are confident our customers will love it.


To know more about this product, please visit below links for complete information:

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Updated: Jan 30

New SlimJet Pro hand dyrers from askon

In December 2022, we will be launching our new series of high speed jet hand dryers.

The hand dryer will come in two variants: SlimJet Pro and SlimJet.

The SlimJet Pro variant of hand dryer is for extreme heavy duty usage in large commercial offices, airports, stadiums and other places which have heavy traffic. It is made with heavy duty motor, solid state relay and made from stainless steel and fire retardant plastics. The hand dryer has a dry time of 12 seconds for quick hand drying. The hand dryer is also silent. The high pitch noise frequencies have been damped and vibration noise is minimised to make the hand dryer pleasant to use and reduce the noise disturbances to surrounding spaces in a facility.

The SlimJet Pro hand dryer will come with 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

The SlimJet hand dryer variant is for medium to low traffic applications. It uses a less heavy duty motor to provide same fast hand drying at a lower price point. The SlimJet hand dryer comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Both hand dryer variants come with stainless steel and white ABS covers.

Also SlimJet series hand dryers consume only 650W power. You can save more than 95% operational costs compared to the paper towels and 75% operational costs compared to other hand dryers. Now you can dry hands faster with lesser power.

To know more about these hand dryers, please visit our website on below link:

The technical specifications for the hand dryer are as given below:

  • Motor: High speed heavy duty brushed motor, 15000 RPM

  • Operates automatically with IR sensors

  • The motor and heating coil protected with thermal fuse and thermal cut off

  • Construction: Made from high impact resistant and fire retardant poly carbonate and ABS plastics.

  • Solid State relay

  • Power Supply: 230VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

  • Rated Power: 650 W

  • Air Speed: 90 m/s

  • Air volume: 229 m3/hr

  • Impeller: Made from high impact polycarbonate

To know more about our range of hand dryers please visit below link:

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Askon has been manufacturing some of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the world.

Askon hand dryers has helped saved tons and tons of tissues and paper towels going to landfills every year. Our new generation high speed hand dryers have high user satisfaction as they dry hands very quickly and at the same time consuming 75% energy as compared to paper towels.

Taking our commitment to environment one step further, we have now completely eliminated thermocol packaging from our Made-in-India range of hand dryers.

Thermocol Eliminated from Hand Dryer Packaging

Completely bio degradable packaging

Every years thousands of piece of thermocol used to go waste from our hand dryers packaging. Once the hand dryers are unpacked at our client site, the only place these thermocol pieces could go was into landfills. This pushed us to find a solution to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. How can an environmentally friendly product have such an environmentally harmful packaging!!

We finally engineered a completely bio-degradable packaging solution made out of cardboard and paper for packaging our hand dryers. All our Made-in-India hand dryers are shipping with this biodegradable packaging and we are very happy that thousands and thousands of pieces of thermocol wont end up polluting our land, water or air.


Ankit Shah

Director, Product Development & Sales

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