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Frequently asked questions

1)    What are the benefits of buying askon hand dryers?

•    Heavy duty, high quality, Made-in-India, energy efficient hand dryers
•    Best after sales service
•    Industry best warranties
•    35+ years of experience in designing manufacturing & servicing of hand dryers. 
•    We have complete control on the product design and quality which importers of low quality hand dryers do not possess. As a result we are able to give better quality, better warranties and guarantee spare part availability for many years after product sale.  

2)    Are hand dryers hygienic?

•    Hand dryers are very hygienic as the warm / hot air dries the moisture on the hands in a much better way as compared to paper towels which are unable to reach between the crevices and ridges of the skin. Also several of our models use anti-microbial additives in the plastic components which kill 99% harmful microbes in contact with them. This is backed by independent test reports to prove the efficacy of the anti-microbial additives.

3)    How long does it take to dry hands?

•    It depends on the air speed and the heating power of the hand dryer. It can take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds to dry your hands.

4)    Does higher power rating mean it is a better hand dryer?

•    Higher power consumption does not equate to better or faster hand dryer. Highly energy efficient and effective hand dryers can be made under 1500 W as in our hand dryer model ASH-VJ. This hand dryer dries hands in under 15 seconds without the use of any heating coils which consume 75% of the energy in a traditional hand dryer.

•    Many new generation hand dryers use powerful motors to generate higher air speeds to blow away the water droplets rather than dry them leading to highly energy efficient hand dryers.

5)    Which type of motors are best for the hand dryers?

•    Each type of motor has its advantages and disadvantages. Following table will give a brief idea about various parameters of the three types of motors widely used in hand dryers :


6)    How do I know which hand dryer to choose?

•    Different buyers have different requirements. The major decisive factors are given below:
     1)    Price 
     2)    Materials (Steel, stainless steel or plastic construction)
     3)    Power consumption
     4)    Air speed 
     5)    Noise levels
     6)    Aesthetic appeal


•    We highlight all these factors in the specifications and images so our clients can decide which type of hand dryer is perfect   for their particular application. We also mention the most popular applications for each model of hand dryer for reference.

7)    Are there any additional charges apart from the hand dryer price?

•    Transportation charges may be extra at actual. 

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