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The prices of Askon Hand Dryers are given below. To get the best prices for your requirements, please send us an email on or call us on 99303 89999.

Please note the prices for the hand dryers may have changed and the prices quoted in official quotation will be valid at the time of inquiry / purchase. 

Rs 56950

Rs 56950

Rs 45500

Dual Jet Hand Dryers

askon airblade hand dryer


high speed hand dryer


Jet Hand Dryer


Rs 17950

Rs 17500

V Jet Hand Dryers

V jet Hand Dryer


V Airblade Hand Dryer


Rs 18950

Rs 18950

Rs 18500

Twin Blower Hand Dryers

stainless steel hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SB)

Twin Blower Hand Dryer

AS 25-IR (SM)

steel hand dryers

AS 25-IR (W)

Rs 17950

Rs 17950

Rs 16300

Slim Series Hand Dryers

heavy duty hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SB) 

ss hand dryer
Slim Hand Dryer

AS 45-IR (SM)

AS 45-IR (W)

Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer

Rs 8250

plastic hand dryer

AS 15-IR (W)

Last updated on 1/4/2022

The prices mentioned here are subject to change without notice. The prices mentioned here are not binding on askon or their dealers or distributors if the prices have changed.

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