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Jet Hand Dryers are high speed hand dryers which dry hands quickly. They mainly use high air speed to dry hands rather than heat energy like the traditional hand dryers. Hence they consume less energy and also take less time to dry hands leading to significant operational savings compared to high energy consuming traditional hand dryers and huge total cost savings compared to paper towels. 

Airblade Hand Dryer Askon brand


Jet Hand Dryer (Grey)

Jet Hand Dryer Askon Make


Jet Hand Dryer (White)

Dual jet hand dryer askon


ASH-VJ (G)-1.jpg


V Jet Hand Dryer (Grey)



V Jet Hand Dryer (White)

Jet Hand Dryer (White)

Are these jet hand dryers manufactured by Askon?

Askon designs and manufactures jet hand dryers and V Jet hand dryers at their state of the art manufacturing facility.  These jet hand dryers are heavy duty and dry hands in 12-15 seconds.

These jet hand dryers have latest in motor and electronics technology, best safety features and safest materials to provide our customers the best jet hand dryers in the market.

Why are these hand dryers called Jet Hand Dryers?

These hand dryers dry hands with high air speed rather than jet speed 

How do Jet hand dryers dry hands quickly?

Jet hand dryers feature high speed motors which generate high air speed blades which remove water from hands and dry them in under 15 seconds. 

What are the salient features of Jet Hand dryers?

The dual jet hand dryer feature a brushless dc motor and water tray to prevent water dripping on the floor. The V jet hand dryers are more compact and feature a high velocity 30,000 RPM brushed motor with HEPA filters and anti-microbial additives in plastics to provide utmost hygiene to the users.  

What are the advantages of the Jet Hand Dryers compared to traditional hand dryers?

Jet hand dryers come with additional features like HEPA filters, water collection trays, solid state relays, anti-microbial and fire-retardant plastics. Jet Hand Dryers are preferred by most users for their fast hand drying capabilities. Our jet hand dryers use high quality motors sourced from the world's leading manufacturers. Also our expertise in electronics and years of experience in designing and manufacturing hand dryers enables us to deliver superior jet hand dryers and makes us the preferred vendor for this product.

What are the types of Jet Hand Dryers?

We have two types of Jet Hand Dryers:

1) Dual Jet Hand Dryers - These hand dryers are also called the 'Hands-in' type of hand dryers. Please refer to these hand dryers on link here.

2) V Jet Hand dryers - The V jet hand dryers are small wall mount hand dryers similar in size to traditional hand dryers but give high speed air output and fast hand drying times. Know more about the V Jet Hand dryers on this link.

For buying jet hand dryers please contact us today!

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