Askon Jet Hand Dryers  = Hygienic Drying

Askon Jet Hand Dryers with HEPA filters provide an hygienic option for drying hands. The air filters remove impurities from air before blowing it on your hands. 

WHO in their statement clearly mentions hand dryers as an option to dry hands indicating it is safe to use hand dryers contrary to misinformation spread against use of hand dryers. WHO statement can be accessed here.

Also Askon V Jet Hand Dryer Model ASH-VJ is equipped with anti-microbial additives in plastics which make hand dryers even more safer and hygienic to use.

V Jet Hand Dryer





  • V Jet Hand Dryer made from fire retardant and anti-bacterial plastics. 

  • Powered by high speed 30,000 RPM, dries hands in 12 sec.

  • No heating element greatly reduces the power consumption.                                                       

  • Proudly Made-in-India​

  • 3 years motor warranty​

Jet Hand Dryers

askon airblade hand dryer


jet high speed hand dryer




  •  Jet hand dryers dry hands quickly in 12 seconds​

  • 75% less power consumption compared to conventional hand dryers.

  • Equipped with brushless motors HEPA filters

  • 5 years motor warranty