Askon has a range of made-in-india hand dryers. We are manufacturers of hand dryers in India since 1985. All the hand dryers listed below are 100% Made-in-India at our manufacturing facility in Mumbai. Askon is the only manufacturer in India with a range of made-in-india hand dryers which include heavy duty hand dryers, low noise hand dryers, jet hand dryers and V jet hand dryers. 

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V Jet Hand Dryer (Made- in-India)

V Jet Hand Dryer


V Airblade hand dryer


  • V Jet Hand Dryer made from fire retardant and anti-bacterial plastics. 

  • Powered by high speed 30,000 RPM, dries hands in 12 sec.

  • No heating element greatly reduces the power consumption.                                                       

  • Proudly Made-in-India​

  • 2 years motor warranty​

Twin Blower Hand Dryers (Made-in-India)

stainless steel hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SB)

electric hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SM)

steel hand dryers

AS 25-IR (W)

  • Heavy duty twin blower hand dryers with low operational noise.​

  • Proudly Made-in-India.​

  • 3 years warranty on motors.

Single Blower Hand Dryers (Made-in-India)

heavy duty hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SB) 

ss hand dryer
Electric hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SM)

AS 45-IR (W)

  • Heavy duty single blower hand dryers with low operational noise.​

  • Proudly Made-in-India.​

  • 3 years warranty on motors.

Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer (Made-in-India)

fire retardant plastic hand dryer

AS 15-IR (W)

  • Made with fire retardant poly carbonate.

  • Small size but heavy duty.

  • Low noise operational noise 

  • Proudly Made-in-India  

  • 2 years warranty on motors

Our company policy has been Made-in-India and Made-for-the-world. We aim to be the leading supplier of high quality hand dryers manufactured in India and manufactured for customers all over the world. We have a team of industrial designers backed by a supporting management who believe in designing high quality hand dryers. We follow a rigorous process of  designing, improving with re-iterations, prototyping and testing before we launch the products in the market. Explore our range of high quality made-in-india hand dryers.