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Jet Hand Dryer

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Askon is proud to introduce its newest Jet hand dryer model ASH-MJ3

Jet Hand Dryer, Aiblade Hand Dryer, Commercial Hand Dryer
Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3
  • This jet hand dryer features high speed brushless DC motor. It has 33000 RPM and dries your hands with 100 m/s sheets of air. Also brushless DC motors last 5 times longer and are relatively silent compared to brushed motor.

  • This jet hand dryer also features a water tray, heater ON/OFF switch and HEPA filter to purify the surrounding air before it blows on your hands.

  • For inquiry regarding this jet hand dryer please contact us on +91-99303 89999 or email us at

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