Commercial Hand Dryer Machines AS 45-IR Series

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hand Dryers AS 45-IR Series

AS 45-IR Series manufactured by Askon are heavy duty commercial hand dryers which are completely Made-in-India at their manufacturing facility in Mumbai.

It is an excellent quality hand dryer machine with industry best warranty of 18 months on electronic parts and 36 months warranty on the motor.

It has the best safety features with thermal cut-off and thermal fuse for the motor and heating coil for utmost user safety. It also features our patented safety shut down feature to prevent vandalism and misuse. After about 90 seconds of continuous usage, the hand dryer will shut-off for 30 seconds during which it will not start even if an object is present in front of the sensor. After 30 seconds the sensor will check if any object is present in front of the sensor. If object is not present, then it will resume operation in normal mode. If an object is present then it will remain in shutdown mode.

The safety shutdown feature has been very useful in our automatic hand dryers to prevent damage to the motor and heating coil due to vandalism and misuse. It is a feature greatly appreciated by our customers as it significantly reduces downtime and repairing costs of hand dryer machines installed in their facilities.

With a PAN India sales and service network, you can be rest assured that all your sales and service requests will be efficiently met.

We have been manufacturing high quality and heavy duty hand dryers for last 35 years. Askon is manufacturer of hand dryers, hand dryer machines, electric hand dryers, bathroom hand dryers, wall mount hand dryers in India.

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