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Askon displays new hand dryer prototype at Clean India Show 2019 in Bangalore

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Askon displayed a prototype of new V-Jet Hand Dryer, a compact jet hand dryer, providing drying cycle of less than 15 seconds at the Clean India Exhibition 2019 in Bangalore.

The innovative features of this hand dryer are:

1) The air is taken in the hand dryer through two HEPA filters which remove 95% impurities from air before blowing on your hands.

2) The hand dryer is powered by a powerful throughflow vacuum 30,000 RPM motor which blows a thin high velocity air blade to scrape water from users hands drying them in less than 15 seconds.

3) The hand dryer consumes only 1250W. The hand dryer does not use a heating element. It smartly uses the heat energy from the motor to aid in drying hands.

For hand dryer inquiry please call +91-99303 89999 or email us on

Please check out the product on our website page

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