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Askon launches revolutionary new V-Jet Hand Dryer

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Askon has launched an innovative new V-Jet Hand Dryer, a compact jet hand dryer which provides drying cycle of less than 15 seconds.

The hand dryer is completely Made-in-India with fire retardant and anti-bacterial plastics. The air is taken in the hand dryer through two HEPA filters which remove 95% impurities from air before blowing on your hands. The hand dryer is powered by a powerful 30,000 RPM motor which blows a thin high velocity air blade to scrape water from users hands drying them in less than 15 seconds.

To inquire about this hand dryer please call on +91-99303 89999 or send us an email on

Please check out the product on our website page

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