Bathroom Hand Dryers, Jet Hand Dryers, Airblade Manufacturer in Mumbai

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Askon is a leading manufacturer of Hand Dryers, Jet Hand Dryers and Airblade Hand Dryers in Mumbai. We have been manufacturing high quality heavy duty commercial hand dryers for our clients all over India and as well as for the export market since 1985.

We count the best companies in private and government sector as our clients. We are constantly designing new hand dryers and improving existing products so we can offer the best products with the latest technology and least power consumption to our clients.

If you require hand dryers for your offices or any commercial establishment, then please pick up your phone and call us today on +91-99303 89999 or drop us an email on

Hand Dryers Mumbai, Hand Blowers Mumbai, Jet Hand Dryers Mumbai, High Speed Hand Dryers Mumbai
Hand Dryer Model As 25-IR (W)

Jet Hand Dryer Mumbai, Airblade Hand Dryer Mumbai
Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3

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