Commercial Hand Dryer Manufacturers in India

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Askon is a leading manufacturer of commercial hand dryers in India. We manufacture heavy duty commercial hand dryers for our clients all over India.

Infact we do not differentiate between our hand dryers as low duty, medium duty or heavy duty. All our hand dryers are heavy duty commercial hand dryers. Even our most economical hand dryer can be used from airports to small cafes. That is our commitment to quality.

Right from the design stage we take care to make sure our hand dryers are heavy duty suitable for all commercial properties and application. We are select the components like motors and other electronic components as well as other housing materials such that they last the heavy and rugged usage in commercial establishments like large offices, airports, malls, hospitals etc.

For all your commercial hand dryer applications please contact us today:

+91-99303 89999

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Heavy Duty commercial hand dryers askon make

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