Hand Dryers in Bengaluru

Updated: Aug 1

We are the leading hand dryer manufacturer in Bengaluru. With a cutting edge manufacturing and design centre in Mumbai, we are the leading manufacturer of latest and high tech hand dryers, heavy duty hand dryers and commercial hand dryers. We are supplying these hand dryers to our esteemed clients in Bengaluru.

Recently we have introduced our new Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3 which can dry hands in under 12 seconds.

This airblade hand dryer features high speed brushless DC motor. It has 33000 RPM and dries your hands with 100 m/s sheets of air. Also brushless DC motors last 5 times longer and are relatively silent compared to brushed motor.

This jet hand dryer also features a water tray, heater ON/OFF switch and HEPA filter to purify the surrounding air before it blows on your hands.

Askon Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3


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