Hand Dryers in Hyderabad

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We are the leading hand dryer manufacturers present in Hyderabad since 1985. We are offering our clients in Hyderabad the best hand dryers, jet hand dryers, airblade hand dryers, heavy duty hand and commercial hand dryers for their various applications. Our strong hand dryers portfolio combined with our unparalled after sales service makes us the vendor of choice for leading companies in Hyderabad across various sectors. Our focus on quality and innovation is the main reason our clients trust only askon for their hand dryer requirements.

For your hand dryer requirements in Hyderabad, please call us today!

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Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3

Airblade Hand Dryer Model ASH-MJ3 Price : Rs 50000 (Including 28% GST)

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