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India's First Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Askon is proud to introduce a new hand dryer in Fire Retardant Poly Carbonate material. User safety is of paramount importance to us and we integrate it in our product design and material selection. Many of our users have shared their horrifying experience of their cheap imported plastic hand dryers melting because of overheating and thermal protective devices not working when they need to work.

Hence when we were designing our first plastic hand dryer, we decided to use fire retardant poly carbonate as our material of choice. Poly carbonate is much stronger than ABS and hence the construction is much stronger and the product itself will last much longer. Also the hand dryer motor is protected with thermal fuse and the heating coil is protected with thermal fuse and thermal cut-off. Making an economical hand dryer does not mean we have to compromise on the safety of the product.

This is just one example of how we design hand dryers keeping the safety and durability in mind. Cost comes secondary to these parameters. We do not set out with a budget in which we want to build the hand dryer. We set certain design parameters, features and material quality which are non-negotiable and then our team sets out to achieve those in the best possible price.

For product inquiry please contact:

Mobile: 099303 89999 / 08452945756


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