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Launching Grey version of V Jet hand dryer ASH-VJ

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We are excited to present new grey colour version model ASH-VJ (G) of our newest airblade V hand dryer. The hand dryer features a sparkling grey colour cover. The purple airblades are clearly visible to the user making it very intuitive for them about where to place the hands and how to dry them.

This hand dryer comes with a high speed heavy duty motor which create high velocity airblades to dry hands in 12 seconds. The air is sucked in through the HEPA filters to clear out dust and microorganisms to blow clean filtered air on hands. The hand dryer is also made with anti-bacterial plastics to provide life time protection against bacteria, mould etc. This claim is tested and verified by an independent lab and proves it kills 99% bacteria. Below is the lab test report.

Salient features of the V Jet Hand Dryer are as given below:

For more information about the hand dryers please visit our website / or email us on or call on 99303 89999

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