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Leading Indian hand dryer manufacturer introduces fire retardant hand dryer

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Introducing India's First Fire Retardant Hand Dryer - Economically priced without compromising on user safety

Askon, India's leading hand dryer manufacturer, is proud to introduce India's first hand dryer in fire retardant polycarbonate material. This is economically priced hand dryer without compromising on safety. Many cheap imported plastic hand dryers are safety hazard. Their safety features do not work and are a safety hazard for the users and building occupants. 

This is a perfect alternative for such hand dryers. It features the best safety features and materials with 2 years warranty on motor. Apart from the fire retardant material, the heating coil and motors are protected with thermal cut-off and fuse. 

To know more about this hand dryer and other askon products, please visit / or call us on +91-99303 89999.

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