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No thermocol packaging for hand dryers

Askon has been manufacturing some of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the world.

Askon hand dryers has helped saved tons and tons of tissues and paper towels going to landfills every year. Our new generation high speed hand dryers have high user satisfaction as they dry hands very quickly and at the same time consuming 75% energy as compared to paper towels.

Taking our commitment to environment one step further, we have now completely eliminated thermocol packaging from our Made-in-India range of hand dryers.

Thermocol Eliminated from Hand Dryer Packaging

Completely bio degradable packaging

Every years thousands of piece of thermocol used to go waste from our hand dryers packaging. Once the hand dryers are unpacked at our client site, the only place these thermocol pieces could go was into landfills. This pushed us to find a solution to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. How can an environmentally friendly product have such an environmentally harmful packaging!!

We finally engineered a completely bio-degradable packaging solution made out of cardboard and paper for packaging our hand dryers. All our Made-in-India hand dryers are shipping with this biodegradable packaging and we are very happy that thousands and thousands of pieces of thermocol wont end up polluting our land, water or air.


Ankit Shah

Director, Product Development & Sales

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