Airblade Jet Hand Dryer ASH-MJ3

Airblade Jet Hand Dryer ASH-MJ3

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Askon is India’s leading Airblade Hand Dryer Machine Manufacturer. We have been involved in designing and manufacturing automatic hand dryers since 1985.

With a PAN India sales and service network across major cities in India, we are ready to meet your demand for high quality Hand Dryers with ease, cost efficiency and commitment to quality like no other company.

All our Hand Dryers are manufactured using the best quality materials and tested to highest standards in the industry. That is the reason we are giving industry best warranties to our esteemed customers. Many leading companies, architects, consultants and interior designers only think of ‘askon’ when they think of buying good quality Hand Dryers.

  • Ultra High Speed Jet Hand Dryer
  • Airblades of speed 100 m/s dries hands in 12 seconds
  • When heater is OFF, the jet hand dryer consumes only 700W smartly using the heat energy from the motor to dry the hands
  • 95% reduction in power consumption as compared to conventional hand dryers.
  • Askon airblade hand dryer helps in getting LEED credits for Green Building certification and reduction of carbon foot print. No more paper towels to dispose and inventory to maintain.
  • Askon airblade jet hand dryer features Brushless DC motor which provides high air speed with low levels of noise as compared to cheaper brushed motors
  • Equipped with a water tray to avoid dripping of water on the floor
  • LED display indicates the hand drying cycle
  • Equipped with all the necessary safety features


  • Operating Voltage: 220-240 V, Hz
  • Air Speed : 100 m/s
  • Motor Type: 33000 RPM, Brushless DC
  • Heater Element: 700 W, thermally protected
  • Rated Power: 700W (Heater OFF), 1850 W (Heater ON)
  • Drying Time: 12 Seconds
  • Timing Protection: 20 sec auto-cut off
  • Circuit Operation: Infrared Sensing
  • Drip Proof: IPX4
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Net Weight: 8.5 Kgs
  • Material: ABS
  • Decibel Rating: 78 db @ 1 mtr
  • Unit Size: 700 x 300 x 315 mm





Rs. 50000 (Inclusive of 28% GST)
Transportation / Delivery charges may be extra as applicable

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