Our various sensor operated washroom products help in conserve the scarce natural resources like water and trees.
  • Sensor operated faucets reduce water consumption by at least 50% as compared to manual faucets. These faucets can also be fitted with special aerators so that the water consumption can be reduced even further to even up to 2 Litres/Min. These water savings can help your project earn LEED points for Green Building certification.
  • The Sensor flushing systems flush after every use. Hence the washrooms remain clean and do not stink. This creates a healthy and hygienic environment and raises the image of the facility or the company in minds of the employees and visitors alike. Also, as the washrooms always remain clean, the use of chemicals for cleaning is minimized which saves money and is simply better for the environment.
  • Using hand dryers in washrooms as compared to paper towels can save millions of trees from being cut every year. The paper making industry is one of the biggest consumers of water and chemicals like chlorine and sulphur for producing a ton of product. 17 trees are cut and 20,000 gallons of water is used for making a ton of paper! Even if paper towels are made from recycled paper, the only place for them after they are used is in landfills. All this for drying your hands when more cost-efficient and greener way of drying your hands is available? With the much greener sources of generating electricity in 21st century like the solar, wind and nuclear energies, it makes for a much more compelling case for using hand dryers as compared to paper towels. Also hand dryers are made from materials that are easily recyclable when they reach their end of use cycle.

Using these products in a facility can bring about huge cost savings over a longer run, promotes hygiene, improves the image of a facility and is better for the environment too.