Sensor Faucet Model: ASF-70 (E) / ASF-70 (B)

ASF-70E low res
ASF-70E low res

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ASF-70E low res
ASF-70E low res

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Price : Rs 11500

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  • Counter or basin mount type suitable for counter sunk or counter top basins

  • Chrome plated brass faucet with IR sensors

  • Brass solenoid magnetic latching valve with piston valve technology

  • 230 Volts, A/C single phase for ASF-70E

  • Use of four “AA” size ALKALINE 1.5 V batteries (DC6V) for ASF-70B

  • Sensor & PCB are sealed to prevent damage due to moisture

  • Sensing range adjusts automatically to surroundings

  • 1/2” B.S.P. input and output water supply connection

  • Optional low flow water saving aerators to reduce water consumption

  • recommended water pressure: 15 psi

  • recommended water pressure: 80 psi

  • Shut-off water pressure: 7 psi

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