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Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser 

AS-SV Dimension Diagram.png
  • Wall Mounted with easy installation

  • Extremely durable construction

  • Volume: 1000 ml

  • Material: Stainless Steel # 304 Grade

  • Size: H 195 X W 115 X D 85 mm

  • Pump is easily replaceable

  • Provided with lock and key​​

  • Dispenses liquid soap and hand sanitizers

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FAQs for Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

What are the salient features of this stainless steel soap dispenser?

This stainless steel soap dispenser model AS-SV is 1000 ml capacity dispenser but still has a very slim profile. It is made from stainless steel # 304 grade and has a heavy duty pump. Also the pump is easily replaceable. This means you do not need to change the whole dispenser if the pump is leaking or non-functional. This is an important feature as pump is the only functional part in the dispenser that can malfunction and it is much cheaper than the whole stainless steel body. Hence ability to change the pump is very important feature. 

This dispenser also features a lock and key to prevent misuse and vandalism in public places.

Can this stainless steel soap dispenser be used with any bulk soap?

Yes this dispenser can be used with all types of bulk soap. You do not need to purchase any refills from a particular manufacturer for this soap dispenser. This reduces the operational cost significantly. However there are many extremely cheap soaps available in the market which spoil rubber components and rust stainless steel components also because of their acidic nature. Also they are harmful for skin if used several times a day for hand washing. Hence we recommend not to use such liquid soaps. 

Which liquid soap should be used with the stainless steel soap dispenser?

We do not recommend any particular brand. However we do recommend to use pH neutral soaps as they are good for the hands and also prolong the life of rubber, plastic and stainless steel components. 

What care should be taken for stainless steel soap dispensers?

It is important to take basic care of the stainless steel soap dispenser so that they can remain in service for long period of time. First, as mentioned above, use a good quality pH neutral liquid soap. Second, use a funnel to refill the dispenser so that the liquid soap does not fall all over the dispenser. If the soap has fallen over the stainless steel body of the soap dispenser, then wipe is off with a moist cloth. Do not let it remain on the dispenser as some soap can corrode or rust even 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. Third, do not clean stainless steel dispenser with any liquid used to clean the walls, tiles, floors etc. To clean stainless steel soap dispensers, wipe them with a moist cloth followed by a dry cloth.   

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