Askon hand dryers are hygienic, energy efficient  and cost effective way to dry hands. Hand Dryers save 95% cost as compared to using paper towels and lead to huge operational savings and leaves a positive impact on the environment. Askon hand dryers are designed to last and come with industry leading warranties. Explore our range of high quality hand dryers below!  

Jet Hand Dryer

Jet Hand Dryer (White)

Compact Jet Hand Dryer

Jet Hand Dryers

airblade hand dryer


jet hand dryer


high speed hand dryer


Twin Blower Hand Dryers

stainless steel hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SB)

Stainless Steel 
Satin Finish

Twin Blower Hand Dryer

AS 25-IR (SM)

Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

steel hand dryers

AS 25-IR (W)

Steel (White Enamel Coating)

Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer

plastic hand dryer

AS 15-IR (W)

Poly Carbonate Plastic Hand Dryer

V Jet Hand Dryer

V Jet Hand Dryer

V Jet Hand Dryers

V jet Hand Dryer


V Airblade Hand Dryer


Automatic Hand Dryers

heavy duty hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SB) 

Stainless Steel 
Satin Finish

ss hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SM)

Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

Slim Hand Dryer

AS 45-IR (W)

Steel (White Enamel Coating)

Automatic Hand Dryer

AS 45-IR (PW)

Polycarbonate Fire Retardant Cover (White)

Hand Dryer FAQs

Are hand dryers hygienic to use?

The touchless automatic operation of hand dryers and HEPA filters prevent spread of germs and microbes. Some hand dryer models also have anti-microbial additives in plastics to prevent any growth of harmful microbes. You can access the independent test report here. Using Askon Hand Dryers is an extremely hygienic method to dry hands.

Why use askon hand dryers?

Apart from being a hygienic method to dry hands, the new generation of askon hand dryers save in access of 95% cost compared to paper towels and 75% operational costs as compared to traditional hand dryers. 

At Askon, we are constantly innovating and designing new hand dryers with latest technology and features. Our hand dryers have industry leading warranties and backed with the best after sales service.

What are different type of hand dryers?

Hand dryers come in different size and form. Broadly they are divided into two types. Traditional type hand dryers which use heat energy to dry hands and high speed hand dryers which rely on the high air speed to dry hands. We provide a full range of hand dryers so the customers can choose as per their preference. Traditional hand dryers usually have low levels of noise  but also have higher hand drying time and high energy consumption per hand drying cycle. The high speed hand dryers come with slightly higher noise levels but have shorter hand drying cycles and consume lesser energy by upto 75% as compared to traditional hand dryers. 

The AS 45-IR series and AS 25-IR series hand dryers are traditional type hand dryers. ASH-VJ series and ASH-MJ3 series are latest high speed hand dryers.

        Jet Hand Dryers

As mentioned above the Jet hand dryers are type of high speed hand dryers. The air comes out in form of a jet stream which had lead these hand dryers to be popularly known as jet hand dryers. They usually use a high RPM motor which rotates upwards of 10,000 RPM. As they work on basis of high air speed, there is possibility of not using heating coil which leads to significant power savings as compared to traditional type hand dryers.   

        Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

Stainless steel hand dryers are usually in the small form factor and wall mounted. These hand dryers can be of traditional type or jet type. Customers prefer them for their aesthetic appeal and their ability to blend well with all types of interiors. There is a misconception that stainless steel hand dryers mean they are of good quality. There are other factors also that the buyer should keep in mind before purchasing stainless steel hand dryers like the motor quality, warranty terms, grade of stainless steel used.  

        Plastic Hand Dryers

As the name suggest these hand dryers are made of plastic material. However there are many variety and grades of plastics available. However electrical appliances usually should be made from ABS, PC or ABS+PC materials for their durability and heat resistance capacity. PC is the strongest of these and has the highest melting point and temperature resistance. Hence plastic hand dryers using PC or ABS + PC will tend to be more expensive than hand dryers using purely ABS or PP or some other plastics. 


All types of hand dryers will use plastics if not outside then on the inside. The motor casing and other housing components will always be made of plastics. Hence it is impossible to avoid plastics in hand dryers. However users should inquire the type of plastics used or if the hand dryers have ISI / ETL / UL type of certifications as a hand dryer will not get these certifications if their plastic components do not meet certain quality standards. CE or ISO standards do not specify tests for quality of plastics and do not relate to quality of plastics. Many sellers show CE or ISO certificates to prove product quality. However that is misguiding the buyer. CE certificate relates to electromagnetic interference of electrical or electronic products and ISO is a process certification which does not test materials or product quality.  

Are askon hand dryers automatic hand dryers?

All Askon hand dryers are automatic hand dryers. They are operated with sensors. When the infrared sensors sense the user hands they operate automatically blowing air on users hands. Earlier there were manual hand dryers and automatic hand dryers. But now most of the hand dryers available in the market are automatic hand dryers.  

What are the benefits of purchasing hand dryers from askon?

We design and manufacture our own hand dryers. Thats why we can provide the best quality hand dryers to our customers at best prices. Please check our design and manufacturing video for ASH-VJ series hand dryers. We are constantly innovating and coming up with new hand dryers so we can offer the best products to our customers. Also  we provide the best after sales service to our customers along with long term spare parts availability.

What is the actual cost saving and ROI on askon hand dryers compared to paper towels?

We can provide you a customized calculation depending upon the number of people in your facility. Please email us info@askonhygiene.com so we can provide you the savings calculation.

How much do hand dryers cost?

Hand dryers are prices range from Rs 8250 to to 56500 (incl 18% GST). The prices range due to variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are the materials, type of motors, quality of motors, quality of the electronics, warranty terms and quality of after sales service. The prices of the hand dryers can be accessed on this link. 

How do hand dryers work?

Most hand dryers have the same basic operation fundamentals. A motor with the help of an impeller drives air through an outlet on the customers hands. This is most simplistic explanation of how hand dryer works. This is like saying the car works on four wheels and requires an engine. There are many more details that go into working of a hand dryer. As the impeller of the hand dryer is rotated by the motor, it sucks air through an inlet. Some hand dryers have HEPA filters placed at the inlet to remove impurities from air.


Once the air reaches the impeller it is pushed out through the outlet onto the hands of the users. Many hand dryers feature a heating coil which heats the air before blowing out. Many modern hand dryers dont require this heating coil which significantly reduces energy consumption. They rely more on air speed to dry hands than heat energy. The air speed is the most significant aspect which reduces the drying time. Higher the air speed the faster the hands are dried.  However the high air speeds often leads to higher noise levels. So the buyers need to evaluate which parameters are most important to them and select a hand dryer according to their preference.  

How to choose the right hand dryer model?

The three most important parameters to consider while selecting the right hand dryer model for your application are as given below:

  • Air Speed

  • Price

  • Power Consumption

We discuss each parameter in more detail below to enable you to make an informed decision:

  • Air Speed

The new generation hand dryers have higher air speeds with a high RPM (Revolutions per minute) motor. They dry the hands by blowing or scraping the water from hands rather than drying them with heat. This reduces the drying time and also reduces the power consumption. However, higher motor and air speed also increases the noise levels of the hand dryers. Our low noise hand dryers are in the sound range of 70-75 db and high speed hand dryers are in the range of 80-82 db measured at 1 meter from the hand dryer. 

Also, we at Askon, use various engineering techniques to reduce and noise levels of hand dryers and to eliminate the high pitch frequencies from the hand dryers which are the most irritating to human ears.

Many importers claim their hand dryers to be in the range of 50-65 db which is simply not possible. The ambient noise level itself tends to be 60-65 db. This can easily be verified by measuring ambient sound using smartphones with the help of many free apps available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.


  •  Price of Hand Dryers

Not much explanation needed here. However we want to highlight the less obvious reason that usually buyers overlook. It is not the upfront price but the operational cost of the hand dryer which should be considered. If there are frequent breakdowns and repairs, apart from the wasteful expenses it also inconveniences the users. This might affect the image of your establishment or business and this loss is difficult to quantify.

We provide the best warranties for hand dryers in the industry because we are confident of our product quality and minimal breakdown even after years of operation. If this wasn't true, frankly we would have been bankrupt!  

  •  Power Consumption of hand dryers 

Power consumption of the hand dryer may be an important parameter to consider specially if the facility has heavy usage of hand dryers. Each operation of the hand dryer adds up to the operational costs. 

Many users are under the misconception that higher the power rating, lower is the hand drying time. In fact, our latest hand dryer model ASH-VJ does not use a heating coil and dries hands in under 15 seconds with power rating of 1250 W.

To calculate the cost per operation of the hand dryer, use the below formula:

          OC = PR * (PPU/3600) * DT


          OC = Operational cost per hand drying cycle

          PR = Power rating of the hand dryer in KW (kilowatts) 

          PPU = Price per unit (KWh) of power (available in your electricity bill)

          DT = Drying time in seconds