Jet Hand Dryers

askon airblade hand dryer


jet high speed hand dryer




  •  Dry hands quickly in 12 seconds with dual jet hand dryer​s

  • 75% less power consumption compared to conventional hand dryers.

  • These hand dryers are equipped with brushless DC motors.​

  • 5 years motor warranty

Twin Blower Hand Dryers

(AS 25-IR Series)

stainless steel hand dryer

AS 25-IR (SB)

hand dryer manufacturers

AS 25-IR (SM)

steel hand dryers

AS 25-IR (W)

  • Heavy duty twin blower hand dryers with low operational noise.

  • Proudly Made-in-India.

  • 3 years warranty on motors

V Jet Hand Dryers

ASH-VJ (G)-1.jpg




  • V Jet Hand Dryers are made from fire retardant and anti-bacterial plastics. 

  • Powered by a high speed 30,000 RPM, dries hands in 12 sec.

  • No heating element reduces power consumption by more than 50%.                                                       

  • This hand dryer is proudly Made-in-India​

  • 3 years motor warranty​

Slim Series Hand Dryers

(AS 45-IR Series)

heavy duty hand dryer

AS 45-IR (SB) 

ss hand dryer
hand dryer in white colour

AS 45-IR (SM)

AS 45-IR (W)

  • Heavy duty single blower hand dryers with low operational noise.​

  • Proudly Made-in-India.

  • 3 years warranty on motors

Fire Retardant Plastic Hand Dryer

fire retardant plastic hand dryer

AS 15-IR (W)

  • Hand Dryer made from fire retardant high impact resistant poly carbonate.

  • Heavy duty hand dryer in compact size

  • Low noise operational noise 

  • Proudly Made-in-India  

  • 2 years warranty on motors

Using Askon Hand Dryers is the most hygienic and efficient method to dry hands. The touchless hand dryers and HEPA filters prevent spread of germs and microbes. Also the new generation of askon hand dryers save in access of 95% cost compared to paper towels and 75% operational costs as compared to traditional hand dryers. 

At Askon, we are constantly innovating and designing new hand dryers with latest technology and features. Our hand dryers have industry leading warranties.

To purchase or know more about askon hand dryers please contact us today!

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