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Model: AS 07-IR (E) / AS 07-IR (B)
AS 05 06 07 IR.png
  • Spotless finish with no visible screws

  • Equipped with our pioneering SmartSense technology for increased reliability and unmatched user experience

  • Sensing range and flush timing can be adjusted with remote. One remote works for multiple systems.

  • Concealed type

Salient Features

urinal sensor concealed box.png

Flow control valve with filter provided in the concealed box. The water can be controlled for each individual flush valve from the control box itself. 

High Quality and long life brass solenoid valve

Premium brass fittings 

for long product operating life

The electronic circuits are sealed with resin to prevent damage due to moisture

Non rusting & strudy poly carbonate control box


Screwless stainless steel 

fascia plate for an elegant look

Urinal Sensor Concealed box dimensions.jpg
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FAQ for Sensor for Urinals

What are the benefits of using sensor for urinals?


The sensors for urinals detect the users with sensors and flush automatically. The automatic operation of the sensors for urinals keeps the washrooms hygienic and odour free. They also prevent the spread of germs and virus through cross contamination in public washrooms. 

Where are these sensors for urinals manufactured?


These sensors for urinals are manufactured by Askon in Mumbai, India.


 Which materials are used to make the sensors for urinals? 


Askon uses high quality materials to manufacture their sensors for urinals. The concealed boxes are made from poly carbonate which makes them strong, durable and non-rusting. The flow control valve and solenoid valve are made from brass. The front fascia plates are made from stainless steel or aluminium die cast. Best quality electronic components are used to make the control circuits. The control circuits are optimized for battery consumption to make the batteries last longer.


How do sensors for urinal work?


When the user is present in the front of sensors, the flush valve will flush for 1 second which is the pre-flush. Once the user leaves the sensor detects this movement and flushes for a longer duration of 6 seconds. The flush duration can be increased by the user if required. However the pre-set flush duration is enough in most cases and increasing the flush duration will waste water.  


At what stage the sensors for urinals need to be installed?


There are two types of sensors for urinals: Wall mount type and concealed type. The wall mount type are installed on the wall after the the tiles and plumbing work is completed. The concealed type sensor urinal requires the control box to be concealed in the wall. In both cases it is prudent to plan in advance regarding the type of sensor urinal that need to be installed so they can be installed in the best possible way.

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