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SlimJet Hand Dryers

Model: AS 55-IR (SF) /AS 55-IR (W) 

SlimJet hand dryers are high speed hand dryers designed for drying hands quickly. They have 50% lower noise compared to other high speed hand dryers.

The slim profile of these hand dryers make them an ideal choice for washrooms of all sizes.

The simple and elegant design blends well with all types of washroom interior and decor.

  • Motor: High Speed brushed motor, 15000 RPM

  • Operates automatically with IR sensors

  • The motor and heating coil protected with thermal fuse and thermal cut off

AS 65-55 IR Dimensions.JPG
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Differences between SlimJet Pro (AS 65-IR Series) and SlimJet (AS 55-IR Series) Hand Dryers:

Safety Shutdown in an anti-vandalism feature. If the hand dryer is running continuously for more than a set time, the hand dryer will enter a shutdown mode for 30 seconds. During this time hand dryer will not start even if the sensor is activated. This is primarily done to discourage people from drying clothes, handkerchief etc which usually blocks the 

normal air intake in hand dryer causing it to overheat and malfunction. After 30 seconds the hand dryer will start functioning normally. This feature does not activate in normal usage. 

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